How to Mix and Match Patterns

Simple, plain bedding is classic. However, if you are ready to mix it up, playing with patterns can be fun and rewarding. Your bedroom is the perfect setting to play with texture, color, and design! Plus, so many options are on the market, which makes mixing and matching patterns an easy task.

What Are the Most Common Patterns for Bedding?

If you are ready to make an impact in your space, mixing and matching patterns may be just what your bedroom needs. While there are many patterns on the market, some will help make your mixed bedding look more put together. Popular bedding patterns for bedding include

  • Floral
  • Patchwork
  • Gingham
  • Stripes
  • Medallions
  • Dots
  • Plaid
  • Geometric

There are many other options on the market. However, these popular patterns will help you create a beautiful foundation that is aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to boot!

Multiple Quilt Sets shown on bed

Find Your Balance

When playing with patterns in your interiors, you need to strike a balance that makes sense for your home. Starting with great basics will help you step outside your shell and focus on pattern mixing. A statement headboard, soft, simple sheets, or a classic bed skirt can be the perfect place for you to start before adding in the spice of pattern.


What Are Simple Ways to Add Patterns to Your Bedding?

If you want to start small, start by adding a simple pattern to your bedding. It can take time to develop an eye for design and for pattern matching that works well. So, start simple until you get the hang of it, then build up from there.


Sticking to a single color throughout your patterns and layers will help keep things cohesive. Monochromatic patterning plays with pattern and texture in a basic yet powerful way. Build with prints, like simple embroidery, on your sheets. Next, add a comforter with a stunning pattern. Follow this by a textured layer on top, such as a solid blanket or a simple design–like stripes or tiny dots.

Play With Shams

Are you trying to keep your design mixing simple? Or, maybe you love the look of your current bedding but need a little change? You can make an impact by swapping your pillow shams. Whether seasonal or simply refreshing the space every few months, pillow shams can make a powerful statement without transforming the entire bedding ensemble. Do you want something classic and subtle? Try our Winter Brush shams! Do you need something more bold and unexpected? Our Boho Bloom shams add a pop of color and fun to your space!

Consider Shapes, Styles, + Sizes

One of the simplest ways to add patterns to your space without appearing too busy is to play with different shapes, styles, and sizes. Try this--keep a layer of your bedding clean and crisp with a stripe or a dot. Then, you’ll open up a world of possibilities to add busier shapes and styles, such as leopard or floral patterns.


You can keep it classic by maintaining a neutral tone throughout your bedding, such as grey, beige, or black, and bringing those colors throughout in varying shapes or sizes. A medallion comforter that takes on cooler tones would pair exceptionally well with sheets that have a pop of black in the form of dainty dots or a simple geometric pattern.

Where Can You Add Patterns in Your Bedding?

It is important to remember that you have multiple layers to your bedding, which means there are several areas where you can play with patterns. You’ll have a beautifully crafted bed for all seasons when you follow these layers (from bottom to top)

Vintage Garden Duvet with Pom Pom on Bed
  1. Fitted sheet
  2. Flat sheet
  3. Blanket (optional)
  4. Top layer–your duvet, quilt, or comforter
  5. Blanket folded over the bottom third of the bed
  6. Throw blanket on the foot of bed for texture (optional)

We love adding texture to our bedding combinations because it is a fantastic way to play with unexpected patterns. Your throw blanket is a fun way to bring your overall design together yet be a bold statement piece.

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Did you know that pattern adds depth to your bedroom? We’ve talked about how classic and sleek white bedding can be. However, it is equally impressive to mix and match patterns that catch the eye.

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