How to Donate Your Old Bedding

Getting rid of old bedding is a great way to free up ever-elusive storage space and make room for a brand new bedspread.
 But hold off before heading to the nearest dumpster!
 There are lots of different ways you can donate your old bedding to help others who may desperately need it.
Not sure where to donate? Goodwill isn’t your only option. Check out this list of places where you can give away your old bed sheets, blankets, comforters and more to help others in need.
Bedding for donation


  • Homeless Shelters - Though many homeless people seek refuge at shelters, warm beds are often in short supply. That’s especially true during the winter, when shelters become overcrowded. The truth of the matter is that good bedding is a luxury that shelters simply cannot afford. Linens and blankets can be just as helpful as financial donations in busy shelters. By donating your old bedding to a local shelter, you’re helping give the homeless comfort and warmth. Check online or with your local police department to find shelters that accept bedding donations in your area.


  • Local Charities - From Goodwill to the Salvation Army to the American Red Cross, it’s not hard to find charities right in your backyard. These charities will gladly accept gently used bedding to help improve the lives of the less fortunate, whether it’s by giving them direct donations or reselling the bedding for additional funding. Tip: Call local charities in advance to make sure your donation meets their requirements before dropping it off!


  • Churches - Churches are one of the best places to go if you’re in the spirit of giving. Many churches have built-in programs to provide homeless, low-income, and disadvantaged individuals essential household items. And you don’t have to belong to a church to help those in need. Many faith-based charity groups have drop-off and free pick-up services to provide aid to struggling members of the community. Check this donation directory to connect with a pick-up charity in your area.


  • Animal Shelters - When considering places to donate your old bedding, animal shelters might not be the first thing you think of! But old bedding is a valuable resource at many animal shelters throughout the country. Why? Animal shelters use linens to provide their rescues with warmth and a comfortable place to sleep during their stay. Animal shelters are rarely selective about donation items, but it doesn’t hurt to call local shelters and inquire about their specific requirements.


  • Homeless People - While homeless shelters are doing their part to help their communities, the sad truth is they don’t have enough space to keep a roof over everyone’s head. The need for warm bedding has never been greater as homeless populations continue to rise. So what can you do? You can donate directly to those in poverty-stricken areas. Whether it’s for someone living in a tent city or on a street corner, there are plenty of opportunities to give away your old bedding. Plus, it comes with the satisfaction of seeing the impact your donation has on someone in need.

Your old bedding doesn’t have to waste away in your closet or a landfill. By taking the time to donate your linens where most needed, you can help others and feel great all at once. This small act of giving can have a huge impact on someone else’s life.

And, make room for some brand-new bedding yourself!