How To Decorate Your Weekend Getaway Cabin

Escaping your busy life on the weekend is a welcome respite, but not when your cabin looks shabby. You’ll spend more time looking at what’s wrong than enjoying your time away.

If it’s time for a cabin refresh, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s how you can decorate your weekend getaway cabin so you look forward to every visit.

Location, Location, Location

Real estate agents talk about location in relation to value. We’re talking about how location affects style.

Do you have a cabin in the mountains or a rural log cabin tucked away in a wilderness retreat? Are you lucky enough to have a lakeside or oceanfront cabin or one in a popular ski resort?

Clearly, it doesn’t make sense to decorate a cabin on a ski hill with seashells and anchors. Equally, you don’t want to fill a remote cabin with high-tech devices if you can’t even get reliable service.

Use Square Footage Efficiently

By definition, a cabin is a small structure, otherwise it would be a house. Consequently, space is always a consideration. Make use of every square foot to create a comfortable, yet efficient retreat.

First and foremost, de-clutter your cabin. Certainly you want the cabin to feel inviting, but do you really need all that stuff? Curate the content and donate or toss everything else.

Consider multi-use furniture such as padded benches with storage, fold down tables and beds, and space saving pull out drawers. Choose stools over chairs and vertical bookcases and dressers over horizontal.

Light Color Palette

You may want to paint your cabin a dramatic color such as deep red or green, but lighter colors create the illusion of spaciousness.

If you do want to add rich colors, be conservative. Soft furnishings such as pillows, bedding, and window coverings offer opportunities for splashes of dark color without creating a tomb.

Painting furniture to match a light wall color helps it blend into the walls. Similarly, light window treatments make walls look bigger and the room less compressed.

Add Textures & Pattern

Keeping the color palette light doesn’t mean your cabin needs to be a boring, white box. On the contrary, you can easily add interest with enticing textures and patterns.

A cabin in the woods isn’t complete without a cuddly, soft blanket. A country cabin needs a comfy floral or plaid duvet or comforter and crisp, clean bedsheets.

Even an ultra-chic mid-century modern getaway suffers without texture. This square-stitched quilt set offers the interest needed and great color too.

Vilano Plaid Duvet Set by Southshore Fine Linens

Pick a Point

A focal point lets the eye rest as it travels around the room and it distracts us from the room’s shortcomings.

The bed is usually the focal point in the bedroom. Elsewhere you have the freedom to create collections using your favorite items.

Set odd numbers of items together and vary the heights. Don’t go nuts or you’ll clutter the space again.

Invent Space with Mirrors

Placing a mirror on a wall instantly creates the illusion of space as it reflects light. However, check that the reflection it creates is worthwhile.

Show off your lake view, greenery, or an interesting outdoor structure, but avoid hanging mirrors that reflect back into the room.

Bump Up Lighting 

Wherever possible, let in natural light. Illuminate dark corners, otherwise valuable space disappears.

Use multiple lamps instead of a single overhead fixture. If electrical capacity is an issue in the cabin, use battery-powered LED units.

Think Small

A large, overstuffed sofa might be comfortable, but it will dwarf your cabin’s living room. Scale down your furniture to suit the small space. Replace larger items with smaller, lighter items gradually, but don’t overfill your cabin with small pieces.


Southshore Fine Linens offers quality bedding, towels, and accessories at very affordable prices. Now that you know how to decorate your weekend getaway cabin it’s time to choose the new style, color, and textures and that’s the fun part.