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How To Create The Perfect Farmhouse Bedroom

It’s not surprising you might want a farmhouse bedroom. It’s charming, cozy, relaxing, and warm and reflects simpler times.

Creating the perfect farmhouse bedroom involves balancing old and new. A farmhouse bedroom should be clean, warm, and inviting, but you don’t want a predictable, cliché room. Follow these basic rules for a unique farmhouse bedroom you’re sure to love.


Think Practically

Farmers used whatever they had to furnish their bedroom. Every item was functional and sturdy. Consequently, when you’re designing a farmhouse bedroom steer away from delicate furniture and opt for functionality instead.

No Matched Furniture

Second hand items offer an affordable option and the right period style without the steep price tag. However, a farmhouse bedroom mixes old and new, so don’t shy away from contemporary pieces you already own.

Nonetheless, you don’t want a matched bedroom set. Create a bedroom that looks as if it evolved over time. Mismatched styles and materials are part of the charm.

Use Vintage Accessories

Don’t fill your bedroom with manufactured “country” accessories. While a few is fine, too many can make your bedroom look corny and contrived.

Instead, head to a flea market or thrift store and look for authentic vintage accessories. An old apple crate makes a great bedside table and you’ll find oodles of old picture frames, mirrors, and more. Collect items slowly and let your farmhouse bedroom evolve as you add items you truly love.

Consider Your Bedding

Your bed is the focal point of your room, so it’s very important you choose appropriate bedding that reflects the farmhouse style. Layer your bed for that warmth a farmhouse bedroom exudes. Include a quilt or duvet, plenty of pillows, and a bed throw too.

Choose a patterned duvet cover or quilt with contrasting sheets or a monochrome color pallet with varied textures. What you don’t want is everything the same.


Popular patterns for a farmhouse bedroom include florals, embroidered patterns, paisley, and gingham checks. Today’s contemporary floral patterns blend the old with the new very well. For instance, this Infinity reversible quilt set offers interest without making your bedroom seem dated.


Paisley naturally lends itself to a farmhouse bedroom. It’s a classic design, but bedding like the Perfect Paisley now offers muted tones instead of a garish traditional print.


Add Reclaimed Wood

Consider adding reclaimed wood for an instant farmhouse feel. Add a shelf, build a headboard or shutters, or cover an entire wall. It’s a hot decorating trend that adds a homey feel and it’s very affordable.

Use Wicker & Rattan

Choose a few tasteful baskets to store items or add an attractive rattan chair. Don’t overdo it - a little wicker and rattan goes a long way. One or two items are probably enough.

Steer Away From Kitsch

Cheesy, tacky patterns are something you don’t want in your bedroom. Skip the barnyard animals, fruit, and sunflowers. Bring nature into your bedroom, but choose unique, tasteful patterns reflecting the past, but that also suit your modern aesthetic.


Southshore Fine Linens offers a full range of bedding products ideal for a farmhouse bedroom. We sell quality bedsheet, quilt, and duvet cover sets at very affordable prices. You can create the perfect farmhouse bedroom within your budget.
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