How to Care For Your Towels

One of the most frequently used items in your home is your towels. Bath towels, hand towels, washcloths, etc. are all used daily for your personal hygiene needs. So when you get up in the morning to shower or end the day with a good face wash, you want to use towels that are cozy, comfortable, and durable. You want soft, luxurious towels. So, you will want to make sure those towels are cared for so they remain soft and cozy. 


What to Look for When Purchasing Your Towels

A key factor of keeping your towels looking and feeling fresh is investing in good towels from the beginning. Like sheets or the clothes on your back, quality matters in selecting towels for your home. So, what do you need to look for in a premium bath towel?

  • The type of cotton
  • The yarn structure
  • The weaving technology and finishing process


Southshore Fine Linens White Towels


Type of Cotton

The type of cotton your towels are crafted from has an impact on the softness and durability of the towel over time. 


Yarn Structure

Similar to the thread count in sheets, the yarn structure of a towel is crucial. Yarm structure is measured in GSM (grams per square meter) and refers to the fabric density used to make the towel.


At SouthShore Fine Linens, customers will find 500 GSM 100% combed cotton bath towels and 650 GSM 100% classic combed cotton towels


Weaving Technology + Finishing Process

The final difference you’ll find in your towels is in the premium finishing process. The finishing process of a towel impacts its final texture and qualities.

Combed Cotton: Pre-weaving process where short fibers are removed and leaves a long, smooth continuous strand resulting in reduced pilling, strength, and softness.

Zero-twist: Created using strong, premium fibers resulting in absorbency without a bulky material.


Caring for Your Towels

Once you decide which towels to purchase, you need to care for them properly. If cared for improperly, towels can lose their durability and plushness and feel less than luxurious when you get out of the shower or tub.

Here are some tips you can use to make sure your brand new bath towels remain strong and soft for months or years to come! 


Wash Your Towels Before Using Them

Just like you would your clothes, washing your towels before using them for the first time is essential. Wash your towels before using them to remove the silicone coating used during manufacturing. Removing this coating helps release the fibers resulting in better absorbency from the start. Washing your bath towels immediately also helps remove any leftover lint from the weaving process.

Use White Vinegar During Your Initial Wash

Mixing half a cup of white vinegar with half a cup of your detergent for the first wash will help set the colors and remove any residue on the towels. After washing, dry your new bath towels on low heat with a dryer ball to retain softness and encourage shorter dry times on your towels in the future. 

A Step-by-Step Guide to Washing Your Bath Towels

  1. Separate your towels by color. Towels can easily absorb other dyes. Keep your towels with like colors (like you would your clothes) to help them maintain their beautiful hues.
  2. Don’t overload the washing machine. Towels take much longer to dry if they are overstuffed in your washer. We suggest loading in no more than ten towels to your top-loader washing machine and no more than seven to your front-loader.  
  3. Use the proper amount of a mild detergent. Using too much detergent on your bath towels can lead to a buildup over time. This buildup can result in reduced fluffiness and durability. 
  4. Set your washer to cool water on the regular cycle. To maintain the delicate fibers in your towels and leave them feeling cozy and comfortable, try and use cool water on a regular cycle. You may need to adjust this based on how soiled your towels are.


Southshore Fine Linens Bath Towels in Light Blue

A Step-by-Step Guide to Drying Your Bath Towels

  1. Remove, then shake. Before you even move your towels into the dryer, make sure to remove them from the washer and shake them out. Shaking them will reduce the amount of moisture they retain and help lower your dry time.
  2. Use the lowest dryer setting. Overheating can tighten the fibers in your towels, so leaving the dryer on the lowest setting will avoid that. Tighter fibers makes your towels feel stiff and reduces their ability to dry you off.
  3. Ditch fabric softener/sheets for wool dryer balls. Dryer balls will help further reduce the dry time and help fluff the towels up before they come out of the dryer.
  4. Remove and fold immediately. Avoid wrinkles by making sure your bath towels are promptly removed from the dryer and folded.


Additional Care Tips for Your Bath Towels from SouthShore Fine Linens

Like anything else for your home, bath towels are an investment. To keep them remaining just as soft and supple as day one, you need to take proper care of them. Your bath towels will last you a long time when you follow simple care instructions. In addition to washing and drying guides, these tips will help extend the life of your towels at home!

  • Avoid ironing towels as high heat will ruin the fabrics
  • Store bath linens in a linen closet or neatly on a bathroom rack
  • Never fold and store damp towels
  • Keep towels dry and out of humid environments
  • Wash towels at least every three to four days
  • Let towels air dry before putting them into a hamper

Maintain the Luxuriousness of Your Bath Towels at Home 

Wrapping yourself up in a fluffy towel after a hot shower is one of the best feelings. If you want to maintain that snuggly, warm feeling for years to come, invest in beautiful, luxurious towels from SouthShore Fine Linens and take proper care of them at home. 


Our bath towels will have you, your family, and your house guests feeling wonderful after every bath or shower. Choose from an assortment of beautiful colors that compliment any interior color scheme. We hope you enjoy your premium bath linens from SouthShore Fine Linens for years to come!