Fall Bedding Trends You Should Try Now

It’s not by chance that design houses release new styles and colors twice a year. In the spring, they introduce fresh, vibrant designs as flowers start to bloom and trees start to burst open with new leaves.

In the fall, the designs reflect cooling temperatures, our desire for warmth, and the gorgeous autumn palette. It’s a great time to upgrade your bedroom and to prepare for winter.

Try these hot bedding trends for fall so your bedroom looks its best and you’ll love climbing into bed every night.

Weave in Texture

As the weather cools, we pull out our comfy sweaters. The extra layer of texture makes us feel safe and comfortable. Apply the same principle to your bed too.

Add an ultra-soft embroidered quilt and a faux-fur or light knitted throw as the evenings get longer. The texture adds psychological warmth, even if you don’t necessarily need a great deal of extra heat.

By choosing textural bedding, you create the feeling you’re safe and secure and you bump up the snuggle factor too, Plus, you aren’t weighting down the bed with heavy bedding.

Switch to Plush Throw Pillows

Plush accent pillows create a soft, welcoming environment. Velvet, faux fur, and knitted covers add instant warmth to the bed.

An economical way to do this is to buy the pillow forms and then switch out the covers as the weather cools. This minimizes storage needs and makes the transition to fall quick, easy, and less expensive.

Add a New Duvet Cover or Fluffy Comforter

Days are getting shorter and nights are getting longer and it’s natural we feel the need to sleep. Adding a new duvet cover ensures your bed is clean and stylish, plus it protects the duvet.

If you don’t like wrestling with a duvet, a fluffy comforter is a great choice. The cover and fill are stitched together making it very simple to make the bed. Some comforters are “all-season” too, so there’s no need to store it as the seasons change.

Switch to an Autumn Pattern

Classic autumn patterns include patchwork, plaid, paisley, and brocade. Patchwork is an ultra-trend this fall as it instantly conjures up visions of a warm country home warmed by a wood fire.

The classic plaid pattern is timeless! This pattern has endured because it is warm, accessible, and stylish.


Global Patchwork in Black Quilt Set by Southshore Fine Linens

Choose Colors from Nature 

Classic autumn tones include rich gold, marsala wine, chocolate brown, sage green, taupe, off-white, and bone. You’ll find many of these colors in this duvet cover set collection.

Mix these warm colors with neutrals for a cozy vibe and a stylish fall bedroom.