Extra-Deep Pocket Vilano Springs 6 Piece Sheet Sets

Vilano Springs - Extra Deep Pocket Sheet Sets

If you’re looking for sheets to fit your pillow-top, thick mattress, or mattress with a topper, the Vilano Springs 6 piece sheet set is hard to beat. The set provides the extra-deep pockets so your sheets stay on the bed, and the following additional benefits.


Amazing Choice of Colors & Sizes

The Vilano Springs 6 piece sheet set comes in 18 colors, so it’s easy to find one to suit your tastes and your décor.

Choose from a range of neutrals such as bright white, bone, and taupe, or dramatic deep tones dark blue, terra cotta, chocolate brown, or slate. If you love pastels, try the soft sage green or sky blue.

These sheet sets come in twin, full, queen, king and California, to fit most bed sizes too.

Vilano Springs – Extra Deep Sheet Set in Bone Color

Vilano Springs - Extra Deep Sheet Set in Bone Color


Fits Up to 21 Inch Mattress Depth

The Vilano Springs 6 piece sheet set fits a mattress up to 21 inches deep Easily. Even if your mattress has less height, you can still use them. The elasticized fitted sheet snugs the excess under the mattress.

What you don’t want to do is buy a set of sheets precisely the height of your mattress from base to top. They’ll fit too snuggly and may pop off when you get into bed. You can easily use these sheets on any mattress from 15 to 21 inches.


Extra Pillowcases

Typically, the pillowcases are the first area to wear or stain. Fortunately, the Vilano Springs sheets set comes with one extra pillowcase for a twin, and two for full, queen, king, and California king sizes.

Hair oils, just swap them for a clean set, instead of stripping the bed and doing a full load of laundry. Extra Pillow Cases are also available in all 18 colors.


Easy Laundering

The Vilano Springs 6 piece sheet set is easy to launder too. Just follow the instructions and they’ll wash and dry like a dream, without shrinkage.


They’re very durable and will last for many years when you care for them properly. You never have to worry about colors fading either. They’ll look as good after 10 washes as they did the day you bought them.



If you react to harsh chemicals, scents, or rough materials, you’ll be happy to know your Vilano Springs bed sheets easily launder with mild, scent-free, detergent and they don’t need softener.

They’re tightly woven and resistant to dust mites and odors, and you needn’t worry about the debris found in many fabrics that can cause problems either. You can enjoy a peaceful night sleep without itchy eyes, sneezing, hives, and other allergic reactions.


Mind-Boggling Affordability

You might think that a sheet set like this will cost you a fortune, but that’s not the case. The Vilano Springs 6 piece sheet set sells well below the competition’s bed sheets, but this doesn’t mean they’re poor quality.

The manufacturer backs their product with a 1-year limited warranty so you know you’re buying quality.


A Complete Line

When you choose the Vilano Springs line you can create a designer bedroom easily and affordably. The makers also offer quilts, comforters, and bed skirts to complement or match your bed sheets.

With super-soft fabric, easy care, crisp colors, and durability they’re already a great choice, but you can also outfit your bed for under $70. You just can’t find that value and quality elsewhere.


You don’t need to spend a fortune on extra-deep pocket sheets. The Vilano Springs 6 piece sheet set has it all and it’s so affordable you can comfortably buy several sets to satisfy decorating and laundry needs.