Does My Bed Need A Bed Skirt?

bed skirt from southshore fine linens showing how a bed skirt can hide objects under the bed

It is not uncommon for the power of a high quality bed skirt to go unnoticed. A bed skirt is an elegant finishing touch to compliment your bed and bring it together as one. Bed skirts make it easy to add a fun pattern or pop of color to your space without an abundance of thought and effort. We encourage our readers to keep the idea of adding a bed skirt in mind when designing your personal at-home getaway. 

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How to hide a bed frame? 

Bed frames can be an eyesore. They can overshadow the style and cohesion of the overall look of your space. The easiest way to hide a bed frame is to add a bed skirt to your linen collection. This simple and elegant addition will quickly and efficiently hide any unwanted visuals that your deep pocket sheets and bed covers don’t. 

What is a bed skirt? 

Most of us are aware of what a bed skirt is. But for those who are not, a bed skirt is a simple and stylish way to hide an exposed bed frame and box spring. The design is straightforward, and implementation is effortless. A bed skirt, to sum up, is a decorative piece of fabric that comes in a variety of colors and designs to match your personal style and space adding flair but also convenience to your bedroom. 

Utilizing the empty space under your box spring for storage is a popular way to keep a variety of items out of the way. That way, you don’t lose any of the valuable space in other areas of your home. For those who like to use that extra space under the bed for storage, a bed skirt is an ideal addition to their decor. In addition to hiding storage, bed skirts help keep dust bunnies at bay. There’s that convenience we mentioned. 

Are bed skirts outdated?

With all of the alternatives that are available, bed skirts may seem outdated. However, they are making a comeback. Bed skirts are perfect for those who prefer a higher bed over those low platform beds that flooded the market, according to one lifestyle blog. Bedskirts eliminate that empty void between the box spring and the floor, ensuring cohesion and uniformity. 

Natural textures are a popular choice among bed skirt consumers, and types vary depending on personal preference. The answer to the question of whether or not bed skirts are outdated is a simple No. Bed skirts should not be overlooked when you want to add a little something extra to pull your decor together. 

Types of bed skirts

Before diving into the different types of bed skirts available, it is important to highlight that choosing the right size should be the first priority. Purchasing the wrong size bed skirt can ruin the look of your space and fragment the cohesion of your bed. You should assume that your size bed is standard. Bed size can vary slightly and should be known and considered before making a final decision. 

Additionally, you should consider the distance from the top of your box spring to the floor. This is the drop measurement. There are standards for drop measurements, but again, this should not be assumed. You may find yourself frustrated and putting in more effort than necessary to fix the mistake of wrong measurements. Knowing what types are available can help eliminate that frustration.

Ready-Made bed skirts

Ready-Made refers to bed skirts you find as a package deal with your bed covers. You may be thinking that takes the guesswork out of things and saves some money, but beware. Bed skirts that come as a package deal are often of low quality and can wear and tear very quickly. While they may be the same pattern or color as your bed covers, they are rarely made of the same material and can take away from the look you are attempting to achieve. 

Traditional bed skirts

Traditional bed skirts are placed between the mattress and the box spring. These can be cumbersome to install but do not need to be removed and replaced every time you change the sheets like some other types of bed skirts. You can find a variety of styles, such as pleated, straight, and ruffled bed skirts. 

Wrap-around bed skirts

Wrap-around bed skirts utilize an elastic band that wraps around the mattress. These have the convenience of not having to lift the mattress. They are placed over the fitted sheet, meaning they have to be removed and then replaced every time you change your sheets. 

Detachable bed skirt

Detachable bed skirts utilize a base that is placed between the mattress and box spring. The skirt is then attached to the base with velcro. The skirt can be removed so it can be laundered and then reattached. 

How to put on a bed skirt

bed skirt from southshore fine linens

We’ve gone over some important details pertaining to bed skirts. Now, let's talk about how to put on a bed skirt. 

  1. To start, you want to remove the mattress from the box spring. 
  2. Once the mattress is removed, you can spread out your bed skirt just like you would a fitted sheet. You want to ensure that the drop skirt is even with the edge of the box. This can be done by lining up the seams of the bed skirt with the edges of the box spring. 
  3. Once you have your bed skirt placed to your satisfaction, you will place the mattress back on the bed. 
  4. Admire the new addition to your bed. 

A high-quality linen bed skirt can add personality to your space with little effort. Southshore Fine Linens carries a luxury cotton bed skirt that will give your space that something extra with a touch of elegance. Add some new deep-pocket fitted sheets to compliment your new bed skirt and give your bed an extra upgrade. Southshore Fine Linens carries a large variety of high-quality luxury deep pocket fitted sheets for you to choose from. 

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