Does My Bed Need A Bed Skirt?

Most people spend plenty of time choosing a duvet cover, quilt, or comforter and their decorative pillows, but they often forget to address the lower part of the bed. However, this area is also where you can add the final touch to your design by adding a bed skirt.


When Do You Need A Bed Skirt?

If you own a traditional mattress and box spring set, your bed’s the ideal candidate for a bed skirt. A bed skirt complements or shares the color of your comforter or quilt to create a cohesive bed design. It lies between the mattress and box spring and cascades towards the floor. Without a bed skirt, your bedding may not cover any part of your less than attractive box spring and its unsightly legs.


Is a Bed Skirt Practical?

Yes, a bed skirt serves several purposes besides creating great décor. It hangs down around the base of the box spring and can reduce the accumulation of dust under your bed and the infiltration of dust mites. A bed skirt is also removable so you can launder it whenever needed. You can also use a bed skirt to hide unsightly under-the-bed storage.


Which Bed Skirt Suits Your Bedroom?

Bed skirts are either tailored or gathered and which you choose depends on the style you want to create in your bedroom. Tailored bed skirts offer a clean, finished look and suit almost any bed and box pleated bed skirts are most common. Makes create a box pleat by folding the fabric into a pleat at the back of the exposed fabric for a polished look. At the very least a bed skirt has box pleats on the corners. However, some manufacturers add box pleats to the center of the length and width of the bed skirt for added visual interest.

For instance, these Vilano Springs bed skirts have this feature and you can also buy matching or complementary sheets, a quilt or a comforter. The intermediate pleats also keep the bed skirt flat and prevent it from sagging. A gathered bed skirt is more suited to a soft bedroom, because it has curvy lines and fullness. The manufacturer gathers the fabric of the bed skirt much like a curtain on a rod. Gathered bed skirts typically include splits in the corners to accommodate bed posts. Expect to pay more for a gathered bed skirt since it requires more material.


Factors to Consider 

Bed skirts are not adjustable, so it important you choose the correct size. Measure the height from the top of your box spring to just above the floor. Most bed skirts are 15 inches, but some manufacturers offer other sizes in limited colors like white or off-white. If you own an unusual bed, you made need a custom bed skirt. Choose fabric that launders easily so you do not need to fuss with it when it comes time to wash it. Microfiber washes and dries well and it does not need ironing. A good microfiber bed skirt should have a weight of 110 GSM. Your bed skirt does not have to match your bedding unless that’s the look you want to create. You can just as easily choose a color in a decorative pillow or another design element in your room to create interest. Bed skirts are very affordable, so don’t be afraid to buy a few. They offer a simple way to change the look of your bedroom each time you launder your bedding.