4 Ways to Create a Cute and Affordable Dorm Room

Starting college and moving into your dorm is overwhelming. Moving away from your friends and family and into a new environment while starting school is a huge change. Whether this is your first year away from home or you are heading back to college for another year of school, settling into your dorm room and making it feel like home can be a challenge. Follow these simple dorm room hacks that you can use to style, organize, and personalize your room to match you.

student starting college

Maximize Space

Look at the best way to use the space with your roommate. Dorm Rooms are a tight squeeze as it is, so you will definitely want to be sure to maximize your living space. You can achieve this by moving furniture against the walls, but away from windows to bring in some natural light and of course sunshine. Once you and your roommate have hashed out the floor plan it’s time to add some of your own personal touch.


Start with Your Bed

You’ll be spending a lot of time hanging out in your bed doing everything from late night homework assignments to binge watching netflix so you’ll want to make sure it’s comfortable. When shopping for a comforter, it’s tempting to go with a cute printed pattern. The only issue with this is it limits your ability to switch things up. A great hack to get around this is to invest in a solid comforter and a duvet cover. Duvet Covers are an affordable option that allow you to switch up the color and look of your room without having to invest in a new comforter as your style evolves. Our

All-Season Down Alternative Comforter and Southshore Essentials Ultra-Soft Brushed Microfiber Duvet Cover Set are perfect options as you head back to campus. Lastly, add a few fun throw pillows to really personalize your bed and showcase your style.

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Think Multi-Purpose

Even if your dorm is small, it doesn’t have to cramp your style. A great way to keep your dorm organized and clutter-free is by utilizing all of your space. Think baskets, bins, and storage containers that slide under the bed. You can easily store everything from school supplies to socks without making your dorm messy. An over the door storage organizer is a great hack for storing everything from silverware to ramen noodles. There are a ton of way you can organize your dorm to optimize the space that you have.


Let your Personality Shine

Shopping for your dorm is exciting! It can be easy to start buying a little bit of this and a little bit of that and before you know it you had a hodgepodge of colors and decor that don’t match. Envision your dream dorm, does it have a boho vibe or maybe you are looking for a modern minimalistic feeling. By thinking of styles and color schemes ahead of time you’ll end up with a space that flows and save some money in the process by eliminating unnecessary purchases.

lady reading on the bed in her bedroom

There you have it! No need to stress about creating a comfy and affordable dorm room. Follow these tips and tricks and you'll have a relaxing trendy dorm room.