Create a Coastal Bedroom Vibe

July 31, 2019 2 min read

Create a Coastal Bedroom Vibe

Create a Coastal Bedroom Vibe

No one can deny there’s something very special about relaxing near the surf and sand. However, you don’t need to visit the beach to get that feeling in your home. Follow these helpful tips to design a coastal cool bedroom that’s restful and inviting every day, without ever setting foot on the beach.

Choose Natural Materials

Natural materials are a must for a beach-inspired bedroom. Wooden furniture is ideal as well as hardwood flooring.

If your furniture or flooring doesn’t fit the bill, don’t worry. You can introduce items such as natural fiber throw rugs in jute, seagrass, bamboo, or sisal. Add a wicker basket to store clutter and add a coastal edge. Also consider canvas decorative pillows and billowy cotton sheers on your windows.

An Ocean-Inspired Bed

Choosing the correct bedding is a simple way to bring a beach theme into your bedroom. You needn’t rely on patterns such as sailboats, fish, or seashells to create the right vibe.

Instead, focus on blues, whites, and greens which mimic the colors of the ocean and then add interest with nautical pillows. Alternatively, soft colors such as sand and yellow work well with blue. These crisp, cool 100 percent cotton duvet cover sets and extra-deep pocket sheet sets offer ideal shades such as cotton blue and off-white for a coastal cool bedroom.  The new Summer 2019 Coastal Stripes Duvet Collection made exclusively for Southshore will also bring those Malibu vibes to your bedroom.

Accessories From The Sea

Scour flea markets and thrift stores for appropriate items you can repurpose for your bedroom such as old boat oars, surfboards, life preservers, nautical maps, or even a crab trap or piece of driftwood.

A very economical way to add interest is by adding a few natural fiber sun hats and beach bags in various colors to the wall. Add large glass vases layered with sand, seashells, or anything else you might find during a stroll on the beach.

Seascape Mural

With so many peel-and-stick murals available and endless watery wallpapers too, it’s simple to create an enticing feature wall with a water view. Don’t overdo it though, since white space makes a room feel breezy and inviting.

Alternatively, consider adding white shiplap panelling to a single wall. It is super easy to install and affordable, but instantly adds a beachy vibe.

Ocean Artwork

You don’t need to spend a fortune on waterscape artwork that brings the ocean into your bedroom. Check online for images of ships, the beach, or the ocean or visit a local auction house or antique mart. If you buy locally, the pieces are often framed and ready to hang.


SouthShore Fine Linens has a massive selection of quality bedsheet, quilt, comforter and duvet cover sets in luscious, beach-inspired colors that make creating a coastal cool bedroom a breeze.

With such affordable prices, you can afford to have a fresh, inviting coastal cool bedroom you love without breaking the bank. Why pay for expensive designer bedding when you can buy quality for much less?

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