Down Or Synthetic Comforter: Which Is Right For You?

Buying a comforter needn’t be a difficult decision. It’s all about choosing which best suits your needs and the look you want to create. Down and synthetic comforters offer various levels of warmth, prices, and care.

Fortunately, endless styles, colors, and designs exist so you won’t have any trouble finding one to meet your requirements.


What’s Your Budget?

Most of us have a limited amount of money we’re willing to spend on a comforter. Since the filling in down comforters comes from the fine feathers under a duck or goose’s outer layer and they’re more labor intensive to collect and process. They’re also significantly more expensive. Even the lowest grade duck down double comforter will cost you upwards of $170 US. A fine goose down one could easily cost you over $500 US.

Alternatively, the filling in a down alternative comforter is man-made. It’s readily available which lowers the price point substantially. For instance, this microfiber comforter with synthetic fill  costs less than $50 US.


Do You Suffer From Allergies? 

If you suffer from allergies, a down comforter can exacerbate your symptoms considerably, since you sleep with it close to your body every night. Even though they clean the down, it can still harbor dust, debris, and mites and the down itself can cause issues for some people.

While manufacturers do sell tested hypoallergenic down comforters, you’ll probably pay from $300 US to $1,000 US or more. An allergen-free, inexpensive synthetic comforter like this Winter Brush reversible down alternative for less than a tenth of the cost of the least expensive down one.


Do You Want All-Season Bedding?

Down offers more warmth than synthetics, but this often means you need to switch your comforter set when the weather warms because it is too hot. You can buy lightweight down comforters, but once again they’re not cheap.

In contrast, you can buy an all-season synthetic comforter and add an inexpensive blanket or two for less money when you need added warmth. Unless you live in a state where it’s very cold most months, down can overheat many people.


Do You Need A Washer & Dryer Friendly Comforter?

Unfortunately, cleaning down comforters requires special care. Otherwise, the down flattens, clumps, and removes the down’s essential oils. Typically, they require a trip to a professional cleaner or a laundromat with a high-capacity front load washer.

Drying may take several hours on low heat too, otherwise the down grow mold. If you stain a down comforter it will take several treatments to remove the spot and then you’ll need to launder it.

In contrast, a synthetic comforter offers easy laundering. Treat stains as you would any clothing. You can wash this Pure Melody Down Alternative comforter in cold water to honor the environment, tumble dry to sanitize, and you’re good to go.


Do You Refresh Your Décor Frequently?

If you’re a person who always wants their bed to stay crisp, clean, and up to the latest trends, a down comforter probably isn’t your best choice. They’re expensive and may mean you leave redecorating or replacing your bedding far longer than you should.

Instead, choose a synthetic comforter and change it at will. You won’t break the bank and with countless colors and patterns you could buy one for each season or whenever you need a boost if you want. They’re the ultimate designer tool to keep your bedroom looking smart, at a very affordable price.