Color Combos To Try in 2022

Colors bring out the most creative of ideas and inspire many to follow trends and patterns that will lead to innovative combinations.

Every time we go on a date or get to know someone that recently walked into our lives, we ask this ice breaker; “what is your favorite color?”, and the answers are just endless. Believe it or not, the colors we pick are instinctive, and the colors we select usually signify a multitude of different characteristics within ourselves, which in turn are projected onto the world.

We live in a world where our natural colors are blended, causing some beautiful amalgamations that are to be beholden to not only the individuals closest to us but to the world itself, a world filled with individuals with their complexities that make up an array of vibrant colors that permeate every inch of this planet we live on.

So, why the constant talk of colors?

The reason for that is we want to experiment with combining colors that will make striking statements and what better way than to do so then in 2022, the year of revolution and expansion, we are here to expand our creativity and revolutionize how we see color and how it can be used to show originality and individuality.




variety of color swatches


Scavenging the deep crevices of the internet, and Instagram, I’ve noticed a trend gearing in a neutral direction, people are searching for comfortability and soothing ambiances, wanting their homes to feel more like a haven, a sanctuary if you will, and the colors leading the way and setting the tone for 2022 are none other than blue and green.

Both colors have a major calming effect on people and it’s obvious as to why they’re considered the colors of 2022 but that’s not to dismiss the many beautiful color combos that are out there but let’s first focus on what blue and green have to offer.

Two companies specializing in color have released their colors for the year 2022; Krylon selected a teal adorned with the name “Satin Rolling Surf,” strong blue hues, personifying balance and stability, while Minwax selected a variation of green they called “Gentle Olive”, and the name truly implies it’s restorative hues. Now, these colors are perfect for nature-inspired combinations, a blue wall to bring some seriousness to a bedroom while introducing some faded green furniture, contrasting the overall stern blue but, bringing some needed vibrancy and setting a mood that exemplifies these colors' true nature, which is to be steady and soft.




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A popular color combination that is sure to bring a sense of relaxation with a bit of a retro-inspired feel is pink and brown, and sure, some may argue these colors clash or are not completely complementary but when paired accordingly they bring about a nostalgic feel to your senses, hence the word retro.

A soft dusty pink wall with rich and dark brown wooded furniture will surely bring a sense of cosines to any room in a home, and while we’re at it let's pair these two colors with some dark blush pink sheets for some range, giving the room somewhat of a monochromatic feel while the dark browns bring about a robust yet controlled environment that is inviting and relaxing.

Let’s flip the script and bring about some pale browns, maybe a beige, on the walls, and adorn the surrounding area with some light pink accent chairs with some gold trims, and a pastel pink rug to widen the space, giving the room a more luxurious feel that’s inviting.



Minimalism is a style that isn’t for the faint of heart, it defines the idea of simplicity, and although we as humans desire simplicity, our homes are usually in disarray, especially when it comes to home décor, color combinations, and our own lives.


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A trend of colors that will always be a fad, no matter the time, is the fusion of black and gold, and when brought into a minimalist space, it has an everlasting effect that evolves the minimal into the maximum. Gold personifies luxury and black defines structure and mystery, elevating any bedroom to a level of opulence that is sure to invite wondering eyes.



As mentioned before, colors are vast and bring out so much of who we are as individuals, and the colors that truly describe who we are, shape the very way we view the world; color combinations don’t only have to make sense in our homes, they also dictate our overall mood and styles throughout the years of our lives, how we choose to express our individuality is solidified in our choice of clothing, from the trends we choose to wear to the cars we drive to the simple decorations we display around our homes, color combinations are existent in every facet of our lives, making our world that much more diverse and expansive.