How To Clean a Duvet Cover

Say goodbye to restless nights and hello to blissful sleep! We at Southshore Fine Linens have the ultimate guide on transforming your bedroom oasis with a fresh start — a clean duvet cover. Nothing beats climbing into a freshly made bed after a long day. Your bed is a sanctuary for relaxation; keeping those bed linens clean and comfortable is key to achieving heavenly sleep. 

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A duvet cover is an integral part of any bedding ensemble. It not only adds a touch of style but also serves as a protective layer for your cherished comforter or insert. Proper cleaning of your duvet cover is essential to maintaining your nighttime oasis. This may seem challenging; however, washing a duvet cover can be a breeze with the proper techniques and tips. 

How to clean a duvet cover

Chances are you invested a lot of time picking out the perfect duvet cover and invested a pretty penny on it, so washing it may cause some anxiety if you aren’t sure how to do it properly. After all, the last thing anyone would want is to ruin their perfect statement piece because they tried to freshen it up and didn’t know how. 

First of all, you can revive your duvet without going to the extent of an all-out wash. However, check the manufacturer tag for any warnings or indicators on what you can and cannot do with your specific duvet cover. Duvet cleaning does not necessarily mean it has to be tossed into the washer or dry cleaned; you can refresh your duvet by putting it in the dryer for 10-30 minutes on low heat with a dryer sheet. This will put life back into your duvet without causing damage to your beloved bedroom staple. 

You can also forego an all-out wash by spot-treating any dirt spots or spills. This can be done by simply spraying a natural spot remover onto the area and blotting it with a damp cloth until it is no longer saturated and the stain is no longer visible. 

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How to wash a duvet cover

Over time, the buildup of allergens, dust, and dirt makes washing a duvet inevitable. When this happens, it is best to follow the manufacturer's instructions on the care tag inside the cover. However, you may find yourself in a predicament when there's no care tag; for these situations, you can follow some simple steps to wash a duvet thoroughly.

Best way to wash a duvet

  • Remove the duvet cover from the insert
  • Pre-treat any existing stains with a gentle stain remover before washing
  • Use a gentle detergent and set your washer to gentle or delicate with a cold wash cycle and at its largest capacity. Note: Taking it to the laundromat may be a good idea if you have to cram your duvet cover in and it is a tight fit. 
  • Once the wash cycle is complete, run it through another rinse cycle. This ensures that all detergent is removed from the duvet cover. Consider a second spin cycle as well. 
  • If the duvet cover is made of synthetic materials, your dryer setting should be on low to medium heat. High heat should be avoided with synthetic materials. 
  • Duvet covers should be washed once a month as a general rule of thumb

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Do you need to wash new duvet covers?

Washing new duvet covers is a personal choice. However, experts recommend that all new bedding be washed before use due to dust, dirt, and other contaminants making your new duvet their home. Remember, during the manufacturing, packaging, and distribution process, your new duvet may come in contact with all manner of dust, dirt, and debris. Washing your bed linens before use is an excellent way to eliminate these unwanted contaminants before your body encounters them. 

Do you wash duvet covers inside out?

Like washing new duvet covers, turning them inside out is a personal preference. However, washing duvet covers inside out is recommended; this is particularly true if your cover has any decorative embellishments or patterns. Turning it inside out limits the amount of friction and potential damage from rubbing and bunching during the cleaning process. It also helps preserve the vibrancy of prints and designs. 

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In a nutshell, a clean duvet cover is a key element in maintaining a cozy and inviting bedroom oasis. When it comes to duvet covers, it is evident that a little care goes a long way. Cleaning your duvet cover not only maintains its aesthetic appeal but also helps promote better sleep by removing allergens and bacteria. Pamper your bedding, and in return, you'll enjoy the sweet fruits of your labor with a restful and relaxing night's sleep. Blissful sleep is a freshly cleaned duvet away!

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