Choosing Your Winter Bedding

Welcome to winter, where both day and night start to become drastically colder in many parts of the world. The last thing you want to do is crawl into a freezing bed at the end of the day. So how do you get cozier without getting overheated?

Invest in some winter bedding that will keep you comfy enough while keeping those chilly winter nights at bay. However, the bedding also needs to keep your body temperature regulated. It is a lot to ask for from one set of bedding!

What is Winter Bedding?

There are two factors to consider when selecting your winter bedding.

  • Your bedding should hold in enough heat to keep you warm and comfortable, but
  • Your bedding should not be trapping in so much heat that you get uncomfortable and sweaty.

Selecting winter bedding is a lot more challenging than shopping for summer bedding which is light, airy, and breathable.


The Best Fabrics for Winter Bedding

So which fabrics are going to be optimal for your winter bedding? We suggest sticking to 100-percent-cotton flannel, jersey, or bamboo fabrics. These particular fabrics are known to naturally assist in regulating your body temperature, which promotes a healthy and comfortable night’s sleep.

Bamboo Duvet Cover Set

In addition to prioritizing your winter sheets, consider layers for your winter bedding. Adding a quilt or thicker blanket will allow you to pull on or take off layers as you need to throughout the winter months. The Brickyard collection quilt is a versatile option that SouthShore Fine Linens offers. This microfiber quilt is soft, durable, perfectly weighted for summer, and the coziest addition to your winter bedding setup.


Brickyard Collection Quilt Set

How to Layer Winter Bedding

Creating a cozy bedroom for winter starts with your winter bedding. Layering your bedding right will have you wanting to jump into bed the moment you walk through the door. So how exactly do you create layers comfortable and fashionable layers?


The layers closest to your skin will matter the most, so those are the materials you need to focus on when selecting your winter bedding. Finding that balance between breathable and warm is easy when you opt for materials such as cotton and when you decide to layer sheets instead of piling on blankets. For just an added bit of warmness, doubling or tripling your cotton sheets is a way to trap in extra warmth without overheating yourself.

Additional materials you can use in your layering process might include

Sherpa Blanket Navy Blue on Bed

These additional layers can add the warmth you need when you need it. Not every person building their winter bedding will incorporate every layer. The key is to find what works best for your space and integrate them as the months get colder.

Have Fun with Holiday Bedding

Winter bedding is more than just selecting comfortable options for your room. It is a time when you can get festive!

One way to really get into the holiday spirit with your bedding is to incorporate holiday bedding in your home. One of the best places to do this may be in your Guest Room so that it is decorative and cozy in case relatives or friends come and stay during the winter months.

At SouthShore Fine Linens, we have a handful of festive bedding for you to choose from for your home. Our Christmas Collection features something for everyone! From our Holly Jolly Lane set to our Winter Wonderland set and everything in between, we are sure you will find the one that compliments your style perfectly.

Happy Holidays Bedding

Winter Bedding Can Make a World of Difference for Your Sleep 

It is necessary to find bedding that will help promote a restful night. By selecting the correct fabrics and materials to match the season, you can help keep your body temperature regulated to promote deeper sleep cycles.

Not every winter bedding option is going to be the right one for you, so start with fewer layers and add on as you go to create the coziest bed you can. Sometimes, relying on many light layers versus fewer thick layers can help you adjust the warmth throughout the night.

For a bit of style and personality, consider adding a few extra layers of throw blankets or a festive quilt at the bottom of your bed. They double as additional layers when the temperatures drop significantly, especially for people living in regions with major seasonal shifts.

Wherever you are, Southshore Fine Linens has everything you need to create the perfect winter bedding set.