Best Bedding for Teens

July 01, 2019 3 min read

Best Bedding for Teens

Best Bedding For Teens

Choosing the best bedding for teens is a little different than choosing bedding for young children. Teens have their own tastes and style and they don’t want what mom thinks it best for them. Here’s what you can do to find the best bedding for your teenager.

Cohesive or Stand Alone

Start by asking your teen whether they want a matched, finished effect in their bedroom or they want bedding that stands out from the rest of their room. Some want a coordinated bedroom, while others want the bed to make a statement.

If you teenager wants a cohesive look, choose bedding in colors that complement the paint in the bedroom. It needn’t be the exact color. Instead, choose a darker or lighter shade of the same tone. This works for any bedroom color, including neutrals such as white, grey, and black. For instance, this oversized duvet cover set in slate grey or black works well with white walls.

Conversely, if your teenager wants the bed to make a statement you have countless options. Choose any bright color or bold pattern that complements the room. For tinted walls, try to pick up the color in the bedding so it creates harmony in the room.

For instance, this reversible duvet cover set features a bold pattern in blue and gold. It would work well in a bedroom painted light blue, gold, or even white.

The Comfort Factor

Any parent knows that teens sleep a lot. Consequently, it is very important their bedding is very comfortable. Additionally, most teenagers don’t want to spend much time fussing with their bed, so the bedding you choose should be easy to manage.

The obvious first choice for a teen’s bedroom is either a fluffy duvet or a comforter and a fitted sheet. Kids don’t want to “make” the bed - they just want to climb out and throw the cover over the bed.

Fortunately, you can buy all-season comforters that work well, no matter the time of year. Duvet cover sets are also a viable alternative as they’re easy to launder and replace.

Choose Functional Fabrics

Teenagers don’t just sleep in their bed - they sit on it, chat with their online friends, snack, and socialize, often in their street clothes. They may invite the family pet to lounge with them too. As a result, it doesn’t make sense to choose hard-to-launder bedding.

Bedding of good quality manmade fiber is often the best option for busy families. It’s less likely to stain, easy to wash and dry, and it’s soft and comfortable too. For instance, the Vilano Collection offers countless patterns and colors in top-quality microfiber. It retains the design and color after many launderings.

Hot Teen Bedding Styles

Teenagers want bedding that showcases their unique tastes. Fortunately, it’s easy to create the style your teen loves simply and affordably.

For instance, Boho is a very trending style and this Boho Bloom Reversible Duvet Cover Set adds the eclectic look many teens crave easily. Does your teen long for a touch of elegance after living with a childish bedroom? Try this trending Modern Foliage Duvet Cover Set botanical for a tasteful, sophisticated look. Even if your teen prefers a plain comforter, duvet, or quilt, they can add interest with playful bedsheet sets.

It’s easy to create the latest hot teen bedding styles such as sleek modern, glam, and shabby chic with so many options available. Your teen can have bedding that suits their personality and your budget.


SouthShore Fine Linens has a massive selection of quality bedsheet, quilt, comforter and duvet cover sets in countless colors and styles ideal for a teen bedroom. With such affordable prices, you can please your teen and your pocketbook. Why pay more for bedding when you can have the best for less?

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