Avoid These Farmhouse Bedroom Decorating Mistakes

October 10, 2019 3 min read

Avoid These Farmhouse Bedroom Decorating Mistakes

Avoid These Farmhouse Bedroom Decorating Mistakes

The rage for farmhouse décor is understandable. It’s rustic, warm, and inviting and blends traditional with sophistication and style.

However, many people struggle with getting the look just right. Here are five common mistakes you can avoid so you can create the ideal farmhouse look easily.

Using Inappropriate Furniture

Farmhouse décor relies on large, chunky furniture with a laid back vibe. It’s simple, functional, and sturdy. The focus is on upcycling old pieces so they have a newer feel or showcasing your heirloom pieces and flea market finds.

Rustic Furniture Painting

This doesn’t mean you can’t use contemporary furniture, because you can. Just mix it in sparingly and disguise it with vintage hardware and accessories so it blends in with your design. Swap out the thin legs on your dresser, bed, and bedside tables with thicker, heavier ones.

Creating a Calculated Look

Don’t get caught up in reproduction nostalgic items labelled as “country”. Too much kitsch such as fruity wallpaper, pictures of farm animals, and Ma and Pa Kettle spoil your design.

Instead, head to flea markets and thrift stores and look for authentic pieces with real nostalgic value. These include old crates, glass bottles, chunky shelf brackets, wooden trays, and candlesticks. Don’t dismiss color either, but ensure it looks dated or well-seasoned.

Choosing the Wrong Fabric or Pattern

Farmhouse décor relies on natural fabrics such as cotton, because they add a relaxed feel. Many designers also choose to use patterns to add interest and warmth.

The most widely-used farmhouse patterns include traditional florals, paisleys, plaids, checks, and stripes. For instance, this Sweetbrier 100% Cotton Sateen Duvet Cover Set has a distinctive farmhouse vibe. You can almost imagine snuggling into bed as a fire blazes in the woodstove.

Sweetbrier Duvet Cover Set by Southshore Fine Linens

However, plain embroidered quilt sets work well too. The Pure Melody Quilt Setrelies on an updated classic paisley pattern, but in contemporary colors. The embroidery instantly adds a farmhouse feel.

Whitewashing the Room

Generally, farmhouse bedroom design relies on gray, cream, navy, sage, and white. However, too much white in a farmhouse bedroom can make it feel sterile instead of warm and inviting.

Break up the white with weathered wood or dark colored-table tops. Use decorative pillows to pull colors out of your bedding, accessories, or rugs. Buffalo checks, printed messages, or quilted pillows work well. Buy covers and then swap them with the seasons.

Quilted Pillow Shams by Southshore Fine Linens

Poor Lighting Choices

Consider replacing your overhead fan or boring light fixture with a chandelier. Crystal, rustic metals such as iron or aged bronze or copper, thick glass, and wood-accented pieces add vintage flair.

Painted bedside lamps with soft, colored bulbs add warmth to the room. Gooseneck sconces in wire frames with LED chandelier bulbs are reminiscent of days gone by, but energy-efficient and kind on the eyes. A refitted gas lamp hung from a chain adds task lighting and charm.

Sometimes it is as simple as swapping out the shade on your existing fixture to create the right vibe. Other times you may need to tone down modern materials with a blast of spray paint or some creative folk painting.

Creating a good farmhouse bedroom needn’t be pricey or time-consuming. Just avoid these mistakes and you’re on your way to a great design.

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