5 Tips to Get Your Guest Bedroom Holiday Ready

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  The holidays have arrived and that means gatherings with friends and family. If you’re expecting overnight guests this holiday season you’ll want to make sure your guest bedroom is holiday ready. We’ve put together these 5 helpful tips to give your guest room a festive touch.

Clean and Declutter

Now is the perfect time to clean and declutter your guest bedroom. Remove your personal items to create an open and inviting space. Deep clean the bedroom closet and drawers leaving space for your guest to put their luggage away. Now that you’ve decluttered give your bedroom a good cleaning. Vacuum or mop the floors, and give the room a good dusting.

person vacuuming floor

Fresh Linens 

Making a comfortable and relaxing bed is crucial for creating an inviting guest room. Change out the current bedsheets for new or freshly laundered sheets. Layer on a warm comforter and duvet cover set. The holidays have a way of wearing everybody out. Your worn-out guest will appreciate having a cozy bed to snuggle up in. Be sure to leave a couple of extra blankets or throws in case your guest gets chilly in the middle of the night.

Home Away From Home

Think about all the things you miss when you’re away from home and aim to provide them for your guest. Nobody wants to run to the store for last minute items they forgot during the holiday rush. Provide your guest with mini toiletries, fresh towels, a hair dryer, and the wifi password to make their stay stress-free and enjoyable. 

Festive Touches

Now onto the fun part! It’s time to give your guest room a festive holiday ambiance. One of the easiest ways to dress up your guest bedroom is to dress up the bed with some fun holiday throw pillows. If you’re feeling extra crafty string some lights throughout the room for a familiar holiday glow. And nothing says the holidays like our favorite scented candles or wall plug ins.

lady holding Christmas lights

Holiday Treats

Your guest bedroom is just about holiday ready, it’s time for the finishing touches! Consider leaving a handwritten note welcoming your guest. As well as some delicious holiday treats; think peanut brittle, chocolate oranges or cookies. If your guest is going to be staying for a lengthy time or will have downtime you might also want to consider providing some holiday entertainment like classic holiday movies or board games.