4 Simple Ways to Enjoy a Budget Friendly Easter Weekend

Can you believe Spring is here and Easter is just around the corner? Holiday weekends are always fun but can be pricey. As Easter weekend approaches check out these 4 simple ways to avoid, what I call Bunny Buyer’s Remorse.

1.     Skip the Candy and Junk

Instead of filling your kid’s baskets with candy and junk food. Save your money and your sanity, by passing up the infamous “Sugar High” Easter morning. Fresh fruits like oranges, bananas, and apples make a healthy cheaper alternative. Two Birds, One Stone!

2.     Hello, Dollar Tree!

Save your money and snag the Easter essentials at Dollar Tree. You can find a lot of the same or similar items available at Walmart or Target for up to 3x the price! Easter baskets, fillers, toys, and even seasonal home décor for a dollar! Your dollar will go much further at the dollar store and will feel good walking out of there knowing you didn’t break the bank.  

3.     Do Brunch at Home

Brunch is a popular Easter tradition, but can also be a very expensive meal. At $50 bucks a pop for adults and $30 for kids, you are looking at a $150+ meal for a family of four. Why not stock up on the bubbly and dine in? Not only will you save money, you’ll get to ditch your uncomfortable formal attire. High Five!

4.     Throw Your Very Own Easter Egg Hunt

Tickets to Easter Egg Hunt’s can be pricey. It might be more cost effective to organize a family Easter egg hunt at home. Stock up on inexpensive plastic eggs and fillers and hide them in your backyard. The kids will never miss the overcrowded parks and you’ll save big!