Choosing the Right Towel Texture for You

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Is it your first time living on your own? Are you a first-time homebuyer? Or maybe it’s just time to update the home decor that you’ve held onto for years. If any of these describe your current situation, then you’ll want to keep reading. Towels may seem like a simple choice, but you deserve a high-quality textile for you and your family. 

We have key tips about picking the best towel texture, as well as some vital information about materials and production that can help guide you on your journey to finding the best towels for your home. Gone are the days of wasting money on overpriced hand and body towels that fall apart after only a few years of use. We’re here to help you make an informed purchase and invest in towels that will last your family for years. 

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Popular towel materials 

If you’re tired of towels that are so rough they feel like sandpaper or towels that are so soft they barely absorb anything, then you’re in the right place. Having the perfect towel texture can make all the difference in your daily routine as well as your overall personal hygiene. This article will help you determine the exact towel material that will best suit your personal preferences. 

One material that is most commonly utilized to create towels is cotton. While you might think this doesn’t provide much versatility, this isn’t the case. Cotton comes in many different variations, and each one provides its own texture, feel, and level of absorption. 

You’ve probably heard of Egyptian or Turkish cotton before while searching for the perfect towels. These types of cotton are considered the highest-quality materials for towels, and if you’re looking for a super soft and absorbent towel, these are your best options. You’ve also probably seen these types of cotton used to make luxury bedding sets. Towels made from this material are also usually quite plush and thick, making them a cloth that is durable and long-lasting.

What’s the difference between combed and ringspun cotton? 

Now that we’ve covered cotton being one of the most common materials for creating a high-quality textile for towels, let’s discuss what makes cotton the best. Two of the most popular means of producing a superior cotton textile are combing and ring spinning. What do these processes look like, and what will be the end result? 

Combed cotton goes through a combing process where imperfections are removed so only the longest and strongest fibers remain. The combing will remove all the short, weak fibers as well as any dirt and debris. The result is very straight and uniform fibers.

Ringspun cotton undergoes a process where all the cotton fibers are spun together – both long and short. They are spun tightly in order to ensure the durability of the resulting yarn. While the smaller fibers aren’t removed, the final product is still a very fine and soft textile that is perfect for a hand or body towel.

The best towel textures 

four colored towels by Southshore Fine Linens hanging off hooks on the wall

Textured bath towels come in many forms. From the textiles used to create the towel or the weave of the fabric, your towel’s texture should be unique to you. You can find a plethora of different textures online and in stores, but knowing what to expect ahead of time will simplify the decision-making process. The following are some of the most popular textures for towels of any size.

  • Classic 

This is one of the most standard textures for towels, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be missing out on quality or softness. These towels are usually made using combed cotton textiles, and they provide an elegant feel at a relatively affordable price point. Another great feature of these towels is that they get better with age. While cheaply-made towels will break down over time, these towels grow into their softness with every wash. 

  • Super-plush

One of the most luxurious options when it comes to hand and body towels. These are the softest, plushest choice, and they’re also incredibly absorbent. Typically made from cotton yarn, they are created using the combed method. Super-plush towels are like a cloud for your body, and they give you a chance to incorporate extravagant comfort into your everyday life. 

  • Terry

Terry cloth is a very versatile towel texture. While it’s commonly made from cotton, it can actually be produced with a variety of different materials. From polyester and blends to linens and silk, terry cloth is designed to be flexible in material, but it’s also known for being one of the most absorbent types of towels. 

  • Waffle

This type of towel texture is known for being an incredibly unique and notable design. The weave includes a small, boxy design that mimics the look of a waffle. This texture would be best for someone who is not a big fan of a plush towel. Waffle towels are known for being super lightweight and distinctly more breathable than other towels. 

  • Damask

The damask style of towel is known for being a more decorative choice. This towel typically includes an intricate pattern woven into it simply to make it a more visually interesting piece. If you want your towels to really stand out and make a statement, this is the way to go. 

  • Herringbone 

This is another very unique style of towel. The texture is named herringbone because it’s the style of the weave. You may have heard of herringbone floors or herringbone sweaters. The weave of these towels follows that same pattern. 

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Determine the size you like best

a stack of different sized blue towels from Southshore Fine Linens sitting on a bathroom counter.

You’ve most likely seen the standard size range of towels before, but have you ever tried looking outside this typical guideline? Did you know there are sizes above a standard bath towel? Bath sheets are the extra-large version of a traditional bath towel, and they offer many benefits. From more efficient drying abilities to a better fit on the body, bath sheets are a great choice if you’re looking for a high-quality, luxurious towel. 

As for the rest of your household collection of towels, there are certain sizes that are a must for your home. Washcloths are a necessary tool for hygiene. The size and softness make them a convenient option for smaller tasks, but they also have the perfect texture for mild exfoliation. This means you can use them on your face without having to worry about damaging your skin. 

Hand towels are another essential for your home. They’re the perfect size for multi-use situations. While washcloths are more commonly single-use, hand towels can be hung-dry and used for a few days before needing to be replaced. Bath towels are much too large for hand drying, making textured hand towels the most convenient option. 

Consider colors and patterns 

Now that you know more about the different materials and weaves, an equally crucial aspect of towel shopping is finding pieces that match your personal style. Whether you realize it or not, your towels are a key part of your home’s decor. You want to choose a set of towels that brings a sense of cohesion to your current interior design. High-quality towels don’t have to be boring. The colors and patterns should represent the aesthetic vibe you’re looking to achieve throughout your home.

The best way to ensure your towel sets coordinate with your home’s design is by matching them to other textiles throughout your house. From the bedroom to the living room, you can establish an aesthetic theme throughout your house, and the towels you choose to display can help reinforce this theme. You can find quilt sets or throw blankets to act as your starting point, and then find the towel set to match. 

Take note of specific care instructions 

Once you’ve found a towel set that you love, you’ll want to do everything you can to keep them in great shape. This way, your family can enjoy them for years, and you’ll know that you’ve made an investment that lasts. The best way to do this is to make sure you’re aware of the detailed care instructions that come with your new towels. 

Directions for proper care vary based on the type of towels you choose. Cotton towels will require different treatment than a microfiber or a fiber blend towel will need. Taking these care needs into consideration will allow your towels to keep looking and feeling like new, far beyond what a cheaper towel would. 

You’ll know it’s the perfect towel when you see it 

After everything we’ve covered, you’re ready to make an informed decision about what type of towel is best for your home. If you’re still feeling some uncertainty about what kind of towels will be best and look great in your home, there’s some good news. Taking the information you’ve learned into consideration will help you greatly narrow down your options. Now it’s up to you to go with your heart. The best towels for you and your family will jump out when you see them. 

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