Quilt Sets

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Quilt Sets for Luxury and Comfort — Quilts and Coverlets Bedding From Southshore Fine Linens

Our Quilt Sets Are Designed for Quality, Comfort and Style

Browse our luxury collection of quilts and coverlets — bedding that not only offers supreme comfort but also lasting quality and a high-end designer look to your bedroom for an affordable price. We offer a variety of quilt sizes and styles, unbeatable prices, and dedicated customer service.

Why Choose From Our Luxury Quilt Sets?

Most quilt and coverlet bedding is overly delicate and difficult to launder. However, our quilt sets offer strong machine stitching and finely woven fabrics, making them much stronger and easy to clean, perfect for a busy, modern household.

A quilted blanket set is a classic choice for any bedroom because they’re so practical. While giving your bedroom a stylish look, quilts also provide lasting quality, comfortable functionality, and the perfect amount of warmth throughout the night.

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Get More From Your Quilted Bedding

Bedding should not only be stylish but also provide a great night’s sleep. Quilts add visual appeal to an otherwise plain bed, but they also serve a practical purpose by binding the outer layers of fabric to the filling inside. This provides warmth without adding weight to the blanket set.

A fine, dense quilt pattern creates a flat quilt for a more tailored look, whereas a larger quilt pattern provides the fluffiness many people want on a rustic, country, or casual bed. Choose the perfect quilt set for your bed, and use it year-round.

Fabric Choices for All Bedding Quilts To Suit Your Lifestyle

Southshore Fine Linens offers quilt sets in 100% cotton and easy-care microfiber. You can have a stylish bedroom at a reasonable price, no matter your tastes or home décor.

Busy households with pets and children will appreciate our full line of allergen-free, luxuriously soft microfiber quilts. These blanket sets feature enhanced versatility and are incredibly easy to wash, perfect for an active family lifestyle. Otherwise, if you prefer cotton’s clean, crisp feel, our breathable, 100% cotton sateen quilt sets offer the incredible comfort and durability of natural fiber.

A Wide Array of Colors and Designs for Your Bed Quilt

When designing your perfect bedroom, we understand color plays a vital role. That’s why we offer quilt sets in colors you’re not likely to find elsewhere. We also ensure you have a wide array of the latest designs available, including paisley prints, florals, and plain quilt sets. Craft a showcase bedroom today and leave the trends to us.


What Is a Quilt Set?

Quilt sets come with two matching pillow shams, providing a complete bedding solution, so no matter what style you choose for your bedding, you will always receive a cohesive look with matching accessories.

What Sizes Do Quilt Sets Come In?

Most quilts come in a variety of sizes, including:

  • King quilt sets (includes California King quilt sets)

  • Queen quilt sets

  • Twin quilt sets

The available sizes offered at Southshore Fine Linens includes:

Available sizes:

  • Twin / Twin XL

  • Full / Queen

  • King / California King

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What’s the Difference Between a Quilt and a Duvet Cover?

You may be wondering what’s the difference between a quilt and a duvet cover? Well, we are here to help break that down for you!

The main difference between a quilt and a duvet cover is its structure and use.

Quilts are a traditional type of blanket consisting of three layers:

  • A top layer of woven fabric

  • A middle layer of batting

  • A bottom layer of woven fabric

A duvet cover is a removable layer that encases a duvet insert, similar to a pillowcase for a pillow.

Quilts and duvet covers serve similar purposes as bedding items, but there are several key differences between them in construction, usage, and care.

When deciding between a quilt or duvet, it’s essential to consider your preferences and needs and make your selection from there. For added warmth, these two types of bedding can even go together.

Quilt vs. Comforter: Which Is Better for You?

The best bedding often depends on your environment and individual preferences, including warmth, durability, and ease of washing.

When deciding on the right bedding for you, consider all your personal preferences. Be honest with yourself regarding your ideal temperature, style, and bedding feel, the amount of weight from the bed coverings you wish to feel, and your ability to maintain the bedding when it comes to cleaning. 

Whatever you decide, Southshore Fine Linens has excellent options for quilts and comforters to help make your dream bedroom come true. Before you choose, you can also explore quilt vs. comforter: which is better for you?

How Do I Wash and Store Quilts?

Washing a quilt is easy! Just follow these guidelines, and check out how to wash and store quilts: the complete guide for full instructions.

  • Step 1: Check the label

  • Step 2: Pre-treat stains

  • Step 3: Choose a gentle detergent

  • Step 4: Use cold water

  • Step 5: Wash with care

  • Step 6: Dry the quilt

After you're done thoroughly cleaning your quilt, it's time to store it! Follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Use a cotton storage bag

  • Step 2: Add protection

  • Step 3: Store in a cool, dry place

  • Step 4: Check and refold periodically

Explore our quilt sets today to find your perfect match. Remember, a great day starts the night before with great bedding! Create your ideal oasis with Southshore Fine Linens bedding today, and get the perfect night's sleep.